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A large number of homes these days are using hardwood for flooring purpose because it gives a warm, cozy and elegant feeling. Proper care and maintenance is required otherwise the floor will experience wear and tear. Dustpan and broom are probably not the best things to clean the floor. For better looking hardwood floor, vacuum cleaner is the best choice because it is easy to clean and prevents the wood luster from fading.


Different Types of Hardwood Floor Vacuum Cleaners

Before you buy any vacuum cleaner, you should have proper awareness of the product. Here are some of the different varieties of vacuum cleaners for your hardwood floor:

  1. Bagged: It contains filter where dust and dirt is collected and the cleaner is best option for those with allergies. However maintenance cost can be quite costly.
  2. Bagless: Dust and other debris are collected in a container and you need to empty it once it is full. It is less expensive but irritating because you will have to empty the container on regular basis.
  3. Canisters: For cleaning spaces under the furniture, this is the best cleaner for you. It does not have bags and it can easily reach out tough to clean locations easily. It is light and can be carried from one place to another easily.

Useful Tips for Finding the Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Dirt, dust and water are the worst enemies of the hardwood flooring because they scratch the surface. The best way to get rid of the dirt is using a floor vacuum. There are several choices in the market but it is important to know which cleaner would be the best for you. Given here are few tips that can help you in buying the best vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floor:

  1. Choose a bag-less cleaner which contains a cleaner to hold the dirt and dust and it is cheaper as compared to the bagged vacuum cleaners
  2. In order to get the job done faster, I would recommend you to buy a cleaner that has got the best suction power because it can absorb the dirt and dust particles easily
  3. Understand your needs and don’t opt for the expensive cleaners. Different cleaners have got different attachments and you should nozzles when there is a limited space to be cleaned
  4. For cleaning several rooms, I would advise you to buy a cleaner that is light and zippy. Otherwise you would be breaking your back carrying it all around the house
  5. I will never advise you to buy a cleaner that has less warranty period. Go for such cleaners that can give you warranty period for 1-3 years. Make sure that the brand you are choosing has a service centre in your town or locality
  6. You should always keep the budget in mind. You don’t need to rob a bank just to purchase a vacuum cleaner. Make a good research that can help you in buying the best cleaner in your budget price
  7. Get online and read the reviews of customers who have bought the specific vacuum cleaner

Top Brands in Choosing Floor Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

  1. Miele (creators of the Miele Olympus canister vacuum) is the most popular brand available in the market. It has high potential in deep cleaning of your home. I should tell you that it comes equipped with German engineering and it has a lot of reputation for being a very good first rate quality product.
  2. Dyson is another brand I should recommend you for hardwood floor cleaning. It has vibrant styling and it delivers cleaning of air with no loss of suction. If you are in the market searching for a vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floor, then you must have heard about Dyson.
  3. Electrolux is another fine brand and it is my personal favorite for hardwood cleaning. Since I am prone to allergy, the cleaner serves my purpose as it comes equipped with sealed bodies and does not emit dust fragments. It is cost effective also and within your budget plan.

Choose a vacuum cleaner for your hardwood flooring that is light weight, cost effective and within your budget. So shop around and find a high quality brands that can satisfy your cleaning needs. Get the best vacuum cleaner and enjoy the beauty of the hardwood floor for years.