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Proper housekeeping involves many things, including vacuum cleaners. Cleaning the floors of your house with the right vacuum cleaner will take away junk and debris, which affect the beauty and liveliness of your floor. Vacuuming helps reduce allergens and leaves your home smelling fresh.

The way you vacuum clean a hardwood floor will vary from how you do it on a floor with a carpet.



Carpet Vacuuming

Regular carpet vacuuming improves the on the air that you breath while in your home.

Below are the steps you should take to keep your carpet in a good condition:

  • Vacuuming your carpet at a steady, slow pace rather than doing it hurriedly will give better cleaning results.
  • Make sure you have reached out to the corners and crevice where dust and dirt builds up.
  • Dust from top and then vacuum clean the fallen dust on the floor.
  • Replace or empty the vacuum bag when 2/3 full to prevent spillage.

How Often to Vacuum

Vacuum clean your carpet floor at least once a week, however the frequency of cleaning will depend on the foot traffic on your carpet. The following guidelines give you the factors that determine the frequency of cleaning.

  • Vacuum daily in large traffic or pet areas.
  • Vacuum two times in a week in medium traffic areas.
  • Vacuum weekly in light traffic areas.

Type of Vacuum to Use For Carpeting

Upright vacuum cleaners

For fast and effective cleaning, upright vacuum cleaners provide the power required for your carpet.

Canister vacuum cleaners

Has more power that stick vacuum and works well in any type of rug and carpets. The vacuum is costly compared to other cleaning vacuums.


Hardwood Vacuuming

You want a vacuum, which effectively cleans your hardwood floor. Traditional vacuum cleaners have a spinning brush that disturbs for deeper cleaning. These types of cleaners if used on your hardwood floor will scratch the wood surface.

You can clean hardwood floors with vacuums that have no brush or brush-roll off. You would need your manufactures opinion to use brush-roll off to clean your carpet.

Factors to consider hardwood floor vacuum cleaning:

  • Vacuum suction power: Hardwood vacuuming depends on the suction power of the vacuum to clean. It is therefore important that you look for vacuum cleaners with more than 1000 watts input power.
  • Cleaning attachment: Most of the vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors come with crevice tool that helps you clean the hard to reach floor places like corners and any other place where you vacuum head cannot reach.
  • Getting the right vacuum: Use a good vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust from crevices and cracks of your wooden floor. Canister vacuums have the power capacity for effective cleaning. If you are using the upright type vacuum, it is necessary that the rotating brush does not turn to prevent scratching of your floor.
  • Removing your shoes: Shoes do carry dirt and grit, that are abrasive to the finish of your hardwood floor. Grit leaves behind marks of scratches making your floor look dull. Put your money in a good vacuum cleaner to effectively get rid of dirt, dust and debris and add beauty and liveliness of your floor.